Sips & Dips: Changing the Beverage Game

Sips & Dips owner and creator Lindsay Hart did not always envision opening the drinkery and eatery that has everyone buzzing at the Promenade. With a background in photography, branding and digital media segments, Hart now finds herself at the fore of a beverage and snacking experience.

Growing up out West, Hart recalls visiting soda shops when she was young. With a hope that someday someone would open a similar shop here in Charlotte, Hart stopped waiting and took matters into her own hands. After reaching out to popular franchises out West to encourage possible expansion into North Carolina and receiving no response, Hart began developing ideas and branding for her own soda shop brand in the summer of 2021.



Sips & Dips, as Hart describes, is “a fresh, on-trend, quick-serve drinkery and snackery that embodies a deliciously fun and unique atmosphere with amazing custom drinks and treats.” Catering to both young and old, Sips & Dips offers a vast array of tasty treats and thirst-quenching drinks that are sure to lift any mood.

Setting Sips & Dips apart from the rest as they introduce to Charlotte the world of customizable sodas and refreshers. While many know the taste of their favorite sodas quite well, Sips & Dips changes and further manipulates these flavors by using them to unique concoctions of deliciousness. With options to add raspberry puree to Coke or coconut cream to Mountain Dew, Sips & Dips boasts of offering “limitless creative capabilities” that introduce customers to “new and exciting drinks.” To match the boldness of the drinks available, each beverage is given a name of iconic songs, with names such as “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” “Rollin in the Deep” and “Baby Shark.”



To serve as a compliment to any of the sips, the variety of dips is equally as impressive. The best-selling pretzel bites can be ordered one of three ways with an even larger selection of dipping sauces to choose from, including Nutella, caramel, marinara and more. Fresh cookies are also offered and are just as delicious. Additionally, to encourage cross-promotions with fellow small businesses, Sips & Dips proudly partners with local bakers to offer a variety of specialty cookies, from Unicorn Sprinkle White Chip to S’mores.



Sips & Dips is proud to be a part of the Promenade family, and as Hart jokingly remarks, “We are happy to be the sweet treat and hydration station for such an amazing community!”



For more information about Sips & Dips, visit or follow them on Instagram.